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We've been rocking houses across Meanjin since August 2022. Check out some of our past productions and projects below. You can reach out to for more information, resources and reproduction enquiries. 

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LYSISTRATA follows a group of ferocious women as they take a stand against war by refusing to have sex with their husbands (and take over the city's financial and political epicentre, but that's far less scandalous). Throw in an all-female/queer cast and crew, language pulled straight from the original text and the comments section of a Twitter argument, and a hardy dose of female rage-and you've got an emblematic theatrePUNK co. show. Taking a deep stab at questions of activism, womanhood, and queerness, LYSISTRATA is a dagger-edged, glittered new take on an iconic story of women doing what we do best: fight.

Cast    and     Crew

by El Waddingham after Aristophanes 

Directed by Annabel Gilbert 

Stage Manager: Teah Peters

Producer: El Waddingham 

Lysistrata: Siena D'Arienzo

Calonice: Mia Chisholm

Stratyllis: Mia Foley

Myrrhine: Emme Skye

Lampito: Madelyne Leite 

Magistrate/Cinesias: Belle Steinhardt

Chorus: Keeley Hay and Chelsea Doran



Production   History


PIP Theatre X Allentertainment's Original Works Festival

Archival footage available upon request.

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‘Barriers’ written by Seb Saint and directed by Jason Damot is a responsive dystopian imagining of humanity’s future. The year is 2100. Technology is king, face-to-face communication is as obsolete as a VHS and we’re on to the 40th Marvel cinematic universe. Insanity. Until a researcher decides to chuck eight kids into an underground bunker, without their precious devices, to give them a taste of what real school was like. No phones, no dopamine hits, no soothing blue light. Chaos is bound to ensue. 


Created by a team of teenage artists at theatrePUNK co. through our babyPUNK artist development program, ‘Barriers’ is a radical provocation to empathy, and a warning of what youth could look like if we don’t keep tech in check. Featuring a cast of social media royalty, queer cyberkids, right-wing edgelords and one totally clueless non-user, secrets and past mistakes threaten to rear their heads when all barriers are down. What will be unearthed? Will we ever be-real again?


Welcome to the future, kids. 

Cast    and     Crew

by Seb Saint

Directed by Jason Damot

Stage Manager: Madelyne Leite

Production Designer: Grace Lashbrook

Lighting Designer: Cale Dennis

Dramaturg: El Waddingham 

Capa: George Sharman

Mia: Rachael Woodnett

Luca: Joshua Price

Steven: Elijah Unterburger

Chrissy: Phoebe Quinn

Paul: Cameron Walker

Vin: Cullyn Beckton

Xavier: Ewan Robertson


Production   History


Studio1, 23-25 June




“We don’t see shit like us on the TV. You can call it bizarre, I call it fucking scary.”

PALLAS SISTER RISING is a raw, new work by Grace Wilson and directed by El Waddingham. Taking the myth of Pallas Athena and rocketing it into the 21st century, becoming a brutal exploration of what happens when two women of divine nature get too close, from one of Australia’s most explosive emerging playwrights. Delving deep into how abuse manifests in women, PALLAS SISTER RISING is painfully relatable and tragic to a level that only Greek mythology can reach.

Cast    and     Crew

by Grace Wilson

Directed & Produced by El Waddingham

Stage Manager: Carys Maguire

Athena: Madelyne Leite

Pallas: Cara Avenia

Athena U/S: Madeleine Wilson

Pallas U/S: Keeley Hay





Production   History


Debut theatrePUNK co. Season: Backdock Arts, 26-27th August

Returned in collaboration with Underground Theatre Company for the Short Play Festival 2023 at Arcana Brisbane.

Archival footage available upon request.

PAS Poster.jpg


What do you do when Masculine, Feminine, and slight Enby energy are exacerbated in modern society? Exploitive instances of toxic masculinity online? Relationships only lasting a minute? The tragic tale of being an oppressed straight girl in a gay world? PASHUN is a comedically absurdist theatrical exploration exploring all of the above with a little bit of spice.

Supported by our babyPUNK Artist Development Program, this experimental new work is alive with crazy Brisbane Uni Energy (BUE). 

Cast    and     Crew

by Harrison Mills

Director: Joshua Price

Producer: El Waddingham

Stage Manager: Teddy Waddingham

Lighting Designer: Phoebe Quinn

Lena: Rachael Griffiths

Conner: Keegan Bell

Kai: Cullyn Beckton

Tiff: Zara Chandler

Emma: Naticia Slade

Rory: Ewan Robertson

SIGMA: Emma Stretton

Andrew: Scott Kift



"Skilfully interwoven absurdist techniques into the fabric of queer and heterosexual love, resulting in a profoundly thought-provoking experience"-Theatre Haus

WINNER of Theatre Haus's Wall of Favourites 'Best Independent Production'

Production   History


Debut theatrePUNK co. Season: Backdock Arts, 8-10 September 2023

Archival footage available upon request.




HOMILY is a GOD HATES FAGS sign on fire. It’s a bible covered in red glitter. It’s sneaking one too many sips of the communion wine and exploring a dark fantasy of a life that could have been. HOMILY is a semi-autobiographical work by emerging theatre-maker, el waddingham and seeks to divulge their experience growing up as a queer person in a Catholic school. It is written in the same traditional form of a Catholic homily and is a loose adaptation of Everyman, a 15th-century Christian morality play by an unknown author following Everyman’s attempt to repent for a hedonistic life after being told he is going to die. The themes of repentance in Everyman deeply mirror HOMILY’s attempt to reconcile with identity and the past. Enter their drag persona, Lady Diana, as THE PREACHER, a repressed, confused creature of the dark who goes on an emotionally intensive journey of self-discovery, reflecting el's own path to acceptance. It deals with how religion interacts with the psyche of a young person, and the different ways in which internalised homophobia and religious conditioning impact the queer identity.


"a beautiful authentic dance without artifice"-Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane 

"like nothing I have experienced, and I was brought to tears by the empowered strength and demanding presence Waddingham has on stage."-Mystify Productions

Production History


Ron Hurley Theatre, co-production with Vena Cava Productions


2023-Fringe Tour 

Darwin Fringe, Browns Mart Theatre

Sydney Fringe, EASH

Melbourne Fringe, Theatre Works Explosives Factory

HOM announcement instagram post .png


The   muses


"Our bodies synch and we get too close and we move and shake the Earth together and we combust into pure rage, pure passion and what we create is too powerful to be perceived. It must be made into art."

This ambitious piece of feminist dance theatre is the culmination of experimenting with pushing gender norms and constructs and a life lived in constant of history by emerging playwright, el waddingham. 'The Muses' is a ritual invitation by three divine female powers to explore the exploitative role of the muse in art, politics and society through poetry, prose and fiercely political theatre. 

It begs the question-what’s the difference between Aileen Wurnous and Eve?

Turns out, there’s not much between them. 

A love letter to art, history and the women who inspired it, 'The Muses' seeks to explore how female rage and passion has been the invisible drivers behind great and terrible artists, and what being forced into this role means for women on the most molecular and fundamental levels. Come scream, laugh, dance and pop the champaign with us: however you best reckon with your place in this world. 

Production history

Playreading & open development session performed on the 10 & 11 December, 2022 at the Spring Hill Community Hall

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