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We're no one-trick-pony. Here's some of the visual and performing art, film and experimental works we're currently working on.

THAT  is  not  supposed  to  be  there!!!

THAT is not supposed to be there!!! is a photographic lamentation on the non-binary body in spaces corrupted by capitalism, and a reflection of the uncomfortability inherent in queerness

We haven't started working on this on this one yet. So here's a picture of el at a club wearing a pair of build-a-bear sunglasses

death final_edited.jpg

death  of  venus ,  birth of diana

How is a feminist God born in the 21st century? Is it money, power, purity? Spoiler alert: you can’t predict divinity. A concoction of salt water, raspberry vodka cruisers, secondhand smoke and the prying male gaze created the perfect biological recipe for the creation of a Lady Diana, mad feral feminist.

Mon cheri, you’re in for the ride of your life. Literally.

Expect sex, drag poetry and goddessery in this film work that explores the entanglement between Gods and women throughout time.

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