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Currently, we are proud to offer the following services:


Dramaturgical analysis is crucial to the life of any performing arts piece and can be incredibly expensive and inaccessible. So, we want to remove a barrier that often stops artists from taking this next step. 

Dramaturgy is the practice of providing editorial and critical feedback to a performance piece to improve and develop the work. Our dramaturgy, provided by artistic director el waddingham is honest, collaborative, considerate and provoking. They will give you written feedback, notes to improve on and questions to help you develop your understanding of your work, and they are always down for a coffee, virtual or in person, to discuss face-to-face how they can help your work to bloom.

All pieces will receive the same amount of feedback and development regardless of how much is paid to us. This is a true pay-what-you-can scheme. If you have $2 left in your budget for dramaturgy, or $200, or nothing at all, we want to work with you. Contact us and we will send you a form to fill out that will help us to gain an understanding of your piece, your style and authorial voice, wants and needs, hopes and fears for your work and the level of completion your work is currently at. 

We want to see your work, and help you rock.


In 2022, after a childhood and adolescence spent as an environmental activist, El Waddingham stumbled into the world of eco-scenography and sustainable theatre, and they've quickly become one of Meanjin's biggest advocates for sustainability in theatre and strongly believes that this role is the future of theatre and performing arts. 

They have worked on Vena Cava's Ruby Moon at QPAC and Freshblood Festival, where they environmentally managed over thirty acts. The work they have done is large-scale and fast, which means they have been able to quickly develop a practice based on research and practical experience. 

When hiring them as an environmental manager, El will work to ensure that the material of your show (props, costumes and sets), your marketing eg. posters, flyers, programs, performance space and rehearsal rooms are as sustainable as possible. They will also ensure that your production meets the qualifications to be certified for books one and three by the Theatre Green Book, a universal resource for making sustainable theatre that provides certification to shows, and is used by esteemed companies such as National Theatre and The Royal Opera House in the UK. 

This work is becoming increasingly important and popular as art and theatre become more aware of its impact on the environment. If you pride yourselves on producing innovative, socially conscious work, introducing the

We are more than happy to perform this work for free for your company, as we want to encourage as many artists to implement this role in their projects without making it another financial barrier for theatre and performance companies. 


Fill out the form below with the subject with what service you'd like to access, give us some basic details about who you are and your project/company and we will be in contact as soon as possible to discuss how we can help you.

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