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"Discovering new things about her that helped me piece together this mosaic of who she really was"

In between their busy tech rehearsals for PALLAS SISTER RISING, we caught the cast, Cara Avenia and Madelyne Leite for a quick chat!

1. If you were an animal right now, what animal would you be?

M: Barnacle.

C: I think right now I’d be a snail.

2. What was your immediate reaction upon first encountering this script?

M: I remember being so moved by the text. I love the way Grace writes dialogue, it's so poetic and borderline Shakespearean in moments but drastically realistic in others.

C: My first reaction to this script was, wow I’ve never read something like this before! It was so exciting to see such a real exploration of the intensity of female friendship and all the intricacies, conflicts and love within them.

3. What has been the most challenging part of PALLAS SISTER RISING?

M: The text deals with a lot of grief for my character, I think what's been most challenging has been discovering what that looks like and how to create a realistic depiction of what she's going through.

C: For me personally, the most challenging part of this show was to create Pallas. I wanted to uncover who she was by understanding how she perceived herself, disregarding Athena’s opinion. She’s such a unique character, and every rehearsal I was discovering new things about her that helped me piece together this mosaic of who she is.

4. Why should audiences come and see the show?

M: I love the way the show examines female relationships and it's unlike anything I've ever seen. I just want people to experience it.

C: Because this play is a story I think a lot of people can relate to, particularly female-presenting people. It’s a play about toxicity in relationships and I think anyone who has felt misused in a friendship will understand this story, just like I did.

5. Summarise your deepest thoughts about PALLAS in three words.

M: Crushing, folding, freeing.


6. Favourite line from the show?

M: "For now, I'll wait, I'll muse, and I'll mourn."

C: My favourite line has got to be “canapés, we need lots!”

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