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" It asks confronting questions that we barely see represented in media"

We checked in with Grace Wilson, writer of Pallas Sister Rising, ahead of its upcoming season. Check out her mysterious, crazy, sexy and cool responses below.

If you could be an animal what animal would you be?

An otter - I just want to float around all day and hold pebbles. I need that in my life at the moment.

Tell us about Pallas Sister Rising in one sentence.

It's about answering one question: is it right or wrong to mourn someone who you simultaneously hated and loved?

What inspired you to write this play?

I really wanted to write a show that tackled human emotion and the intimacy of human relationships through dialogue and conversation, rather than big plots and fancy dramatics. It asks confronting questions that we barely see represented in media and it's shown through situations that everyone has more or less experienced. It's a way for me to be like 'hey, you're human and so is everyone else and you're allowed to feel whatever you want.'

What is special about this production for you?

El is one of my favourite theatre makers and I am so excited to work with them on this project. They saw what I was trying to convey from an early draft and really understood the messages that the characters were projecting. The story is about young people trying to figure out where they stand and I think that's what theatrePUNK's 2023 season is really trying to convey which makes Pallas a good fit for this season.

What are you most excited to see come to life?

The way that the actors and creatives take the text from page to stage - there are so many ways this show can go. I remember watching our understudies table read followed the next day by our main cast and seeing two completely different images of the show and it was a huge moment of just excitement. Each actor has their own vision for their character and it makes each performance different the more you watch. I can't wait to see the contrast when it hits the stage.

Why should audiences be keen to see this show?

Pallas Sister Rising asks questions that other shows don't. It asks confronting questions, queer questions - it speaks on abuse, it speaks on being in love, it speaks on hatred and longing and trying to just be. It creates art in the ways people are lost and I don't think many shows nowadays do that. We have such an amazing female and non-binary team backing this production, making it so unique to the Meanjin theatre scene and it just asks you to reflect. Reflect on yourself, your relationships - the people you hate and love. If you have ever felt alone in a relationship, if you have loved unrequitedly, if you have been so stuck you cannot leave, if you have ever found yourself waiting by the door - this show is for you.

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